All This Huxley is an eclectic indie band, based in Philadelphia, consisting of multi-instrumentalists Trevor Serine, John Corcoran, Josh Mayer, and Alex Marlys. Known for their thoughtful lyrics and diverse sound, they straddle the line between Indie Rock, Folk, and 90’s Alternative.

Huxley has a new 5 track EP, Home Stockholm, out everywhere July 5, 2019. They released a single from the EP, ‘Comrade II,” on 4/8/19.

In 2017, they put out their debut eponymous album, which “show[ed] off the band’s considerable talent for pairing their erudite, dystopian lyrics with majestic guitars and insistent riffs,” from the impressive lead-driven tunes like ‘Counter-Clock World’ and ‘Comrade Winston Smith’ to the acoustic-folk inspired, ‘Two Feet in the Sand,’ and ‘Queen Bee,’ the album is an experience from start to finish.

They’ve since played dozens of shows and festivals; their music has been on internet/FM radio and podcasts in the US, Canada, the UK, South Africa, Europe and South America; they’ve been #1 on the RN Philly Indie Charts and have been garnering high praise for their new EP.

The band began as a jazz-fusion project of Corcoran and Serine while they attended law school in Philadelphia. The two began writing and performing, and by late 2013, the band had a following, a core style, and presence. In 2014, two childhood friends and former bandmates of Corcoran, Mayer and Marlys, who had already been sitting in on sessions, came on full time, All This Huxley was born. The band has been busy recording and producing their music, while back on tour playing festivals and about every iconic venue in the greater Philly area.