All This Huxley is an eclectic indie band from Philadelphia, consisting of multi-instrumentalists Trevor Serine, John Corcoran, Josh Mayer, and Alex Marlys. Known for layering beguiling melodies and dueling lead guitars with their trademark folksy, dystopian lyrics – they continue to expand their truly diverse catalog, with a new EP – We Can Still Be Friends – out March 5, 2021.

Since forming in 2014, All This Huxley has played dozens of shows and festivals; they’ve been guests on radio shows ranging from the Netherlands to Nashville; their music is on Internet & FM radio in the US, Canada, the UK, Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South America – and streams online to fans in over 45 different countries via Spotify and Apple Music. They have held #1 on the local Philly Indie Charts for dozens of consecutive weeks following each release.

In December of 2019, ‘Comrade II’ was selected Top Ten Single of the Year, continuing their run of critical success and acclaim.

Full Bio:

In 2017, All This Huxley put out their debut eponymous album, which “show[ed] off the band’s considerable talent for pairing their erudite, dystopian lyrics with majestic guitars and insistent riffs,” from the impressive lead-driven tunes like ‘Counter-Clock World’ and ‘Comrade Winston Smith’ to the acoustic-folk inspired, ‘Two Feet in the Sand’ and ‘Queen Bee,’ the album is an experience from start to finish.

In July of 2019, Huxley released the EP Home Stockholm, a “melange of indie rock, folk, and good old-fashioned alienation..” The EP is “refreshing and artful, fascinating, passionate.. with enjoyable grooves [that] holds you captive with uniquely expressive, consistently appealing vocals.”

Following the release, All This Huxley was selected as an exclusive Featured Artist by the print-magazine Music Connection Magazine, and which published a review for Home Stockholm in their June Edition.