“…Their most recent studio single, “Comrade II” comes as a really special track, guided by a stunning acoustic guitar, pushing the melody forward. The drums are roomy and organic, with a slight “marching” feel, adding energy to the song. The vocals are the main element shining under the spotlight. What I really love about this song is the fact that it has two sides to it. On one hand, it is quite intimate and mellow. On the other, it retains a lot of energy and punch.”

Staff, Artist Rack

“All This Huxley are taking no prisoners and breaking all the rules on their latest offering to the public, and while their fans will be the ultimate judge, I think that this EP will act as an important stepping stone in their journey towards self-awareness as a band…One of my favorite aspects of this band’s sound is their minimalist guitar parts, which often impart more emotion to us than any virtuous solos ever could.”

Heather Savage, Razorfish

“All This Huxley have a knack for building their songs around hypnotic riffs. The Philly-based band is prepping their next EP, Home Stockholm, a melange of indie rock, folk, and good old-fashioned alienation… “Comrade II” shows the band’s strengths… All This Huxley’s subtlety makes this song — and the EP — a rewarding listen.”

Rachel Cholst, Adobe & Teardrops

“The brotherhood shared by these four music-smiths is wildly apparent in their ability to play distinctively colorful parts which are both relevant to the whole, yet clearly representative of each man’s own unique musical personality. And then there’s the writing…”

Ark of Music, The Ark of Music

“Home Stockholm is best described as an untamed beast that has a lot of beauty begging to be unlocked beneath the thick varnish of its surface cosmetics. All This Huxley’s have a ton of ambition as a group…I have a feeling that the next full-length album that we hear from this crew is going to be everything that we had hoped to hear in a sophomore offering, and I look forward to reviewing whatever melodic mysticism it might contain.”

Michael Rand, Mobangeles

“All This Huxley are incredible, refreshing and artful, fascinating, passionate. Bringing through the organic vibes of heartfelt, authentic Americana, the music leads with enjoyable grooves and holds you captive with uniquely expressive, consistently appealing vocals. This project is everything you could hope for when the search for new music seems to have grown impossible. A total dream to escape within for a while.”

Rebecca Cullen – Stereo Stickman

“All This Huxley follow their critically acclaimed full-length self-titled debut with ‘Home, Stockholm’ an EP that builds on their artful balance of brooding rock energy and a deeply reflective sense of social consciousness – they have an incredible ability to put together an indie rock meets folk track, that is catchy but not too overwhelming.”

Kristyn – Left Bank Magazine

“Overall, Home, Stockholm fulfills its purpose as a worthy follow-up to an impressive debut. While the EP’s arrangements tend to fall back a bit on the heaviness in favor of a more experimental approach, its thematic leanings contain fresh perspective, and continue to carry resounding merit on par with the band’s full-length. 4.5/5 Stars”

Jake Kussmaul – Music Existence

“Home, Stockholm is an excellent addition to All This Huxley’s discography, and in my opinion, an evolutionary quantum leap in the right direction for their sound…undeniably an exercise in cerebral melodicism, but it’s by no means anything less than a masterfully meticulous collection of sharp songcraft and bold electric balladry.”

Anne Hollister – The Indie Source

“An eclectic sound is usually one that is difficult to achieve. All This Huxley takes the definition of this word and parades it across a football field in their EP, Home Stockholm. If you only listened to one or two tracks off of this EP it would be hard to say you experienced it..Home Stockholm is an EP that is definitely worth your time. With their own personality front and center at all times, the EP sounds like a collection of singles off of a “Greatest Hits” collection.”

Thorne Stone – Review Fix

The new indie alternative tunes from the Philadelphia-based rock band continues the quartet’s erudite message that was included on their first record, but they have also continue to grow as songwriters and musicians. The upcoming EP stunningly highlights how they contemplate how they, and the world around them, influence each other in their emotional growth.”

Karen Benardello – ShockYa!

“All This Huxley offers a series of blissful, intimate indie rock portraits with the soothing “Home Stockholm”…Tiny elements merge and magnify to reveal a vast joyous atmosphere. Vocals have a particularly intimate quality to them for the whole of the piece unfurls in a jubilant fashion.”

Skope – Skope Radio

“When you take a group of musicians who can each play multiple instruments, you end up with a band that contains plenty of musical potential. This describes the situation with the band All This Huxley…music feels sort of like a combination of something from Tom Petty mixed with a rather laidback song from Warren Zevon…The Gin Blossoms, Alice In Chains, even Nirvana. The track of “Comrade II” from All This Huxley specifically brings to mind an acoustic feel from the band Soul Asylum.”

Matheson Kamin – The Rock and Roll Report

“From the opening moments of the titular ‘Stockholm’s’ jawan brood, it’s easy to establish that All This Huxley present a form of raw indie presence perhaps last seen in as unvarnished a form when Wilco first hit the scene 25 years ago. Technically alt. rock but verging in directions relative to folk, punk, and blues alike, these genre-bending savants blur lines in pre-established musical norms with their sound…”

Jonathan Frahm – For Folks Sake

“Slow, oozing guitar riffs flowing into a stellar guitar-laced melody with punk-lite flavors and a measured groove. There’s a British-invasion fragrance to the vocals on this track, a little reminiscent of The Kinks…Home, Stockholm is a strong EP, rife with both dark and light energy, resounding melodies, and subtle yet unique vocals.”

Randy Radic – Rawckus Magazine

“’Home, Stockholm’ is beautifully written and has the intensity and drive to make this a break out hit for the summer music season. Their music also has a very keen experimental quality, I get the sense they may be big fans of Lou Reed, Iggy Pop and Tom Waits, if only for some of the irreverence in their lyrics. The band has also a strong truth in what they are creating… just saying ‘hey, we’re here, dig it if you wish, all the same, nice necktie.’…””

Joseph Timmons – Indie Pulse Music

“Based out of the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia indie rock band All This Huxley are noted by their beguiling riffs, genre-shifting playing and introspective lyrics as found on songs like the interesting “Comrade Winston Smith” from the band’s recently released eponymous debut. A unique aspect of the band is that each member – guitarists Trevor Serine and John Corcoran, bassist Alex Marlys and drummer Josh Mayer – alternate on lead vocals, and Serine and Corcoran switch spots on guitars from rhythm and lead throughout the album.”

Joshua Pickard – Indie Rock Cafe

“Indie rockers All This Huxley know how to amp up the energy – like in ‘Joe the Volcano’ – but “can also dial it back – like the aptly titled, Two Feet in the Sand. The recording itself is masterful…the tones and precision are reminiscent of an act that has been at it for years.”

Staff – The Wild is Calling